FCNA Partners Announces the Acquisition of Perspective Consulting, Inc.

FCNA Partners Announces the Acquisition of Perspective Consulting, Inc.


FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – FCNA Partners, Inc. (the “Company” or “FCNA”), a forensic consulting services company, today announced the acquisition of Perspective Consulting, Inc. (“Perspective”).

“Perspective is a market leader with best-in-class service, an impressive blue-chip customer base and highly skilled and engaged employees,” said Bill Gruhler, CEO, FCNA. “Perspective has built a successful business, and we will expand and accelerate that by bringing our resources to bear, building on the momentum Perspective has established to date.”

“This acquisition aligns perfectly with our growth strategy and meets the requirements that we have previously laid out: a strong recurring revenue model that complements our business, with a loyal customer base and the ability to leverage our operating model and infrastructure to run the business more efficiently,” continued Gruhler.  “We are thrilled to add Perspective to our portfolio of companies and are confident that this acquisition will allow us to continue to grow our client base.”

Perspective was founded in 1990, with a focus on providing medical legal services. They offer clients effective medical solutions for all types of medically related files.  Some of the services offered by Perspective include, independent medical examinations, medical records and diagnostic study reviews, nurse reviews, and vocational evaluations.

“We are pleased to be joining the FCNA team,” said Terri Gentile, founder of Perspective.  “We are impressed with FCNA’s growth plans for the future and are excited to become part of it.  We also share key business values, the most important of which is providing high quality service to our clients.”

Ms. Gentile will continue on with the Company managing the medical legal services segment of our operations.

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